Monday, September 25, 2017

Media reported on hacking servers

Media reported on the hacking servers Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal

At the end of last week
Bloomberg News, citing
unnamed sources, reported that
hackers penetrated the company's servers
Dow Jones, to kidnap
information and use it for
insider trading. But in the Dow Jones, which
owns the publication of The Wall Street Journal, said,
had not received any information or
the authorities or anyone else about
hacker attack. The company also
They added that so far have not been able to find
confirm the claims that
Bloomberg has published their competitor.

"Since the publication
article in Bloomberg, we have taken all
possible to ascertain
whether the claimed assumption is true.
Until now, we were unable to find evidence
such an incident. We are considering
Asked whether anything significant in
These news provided
competing news organizations".
- said vice-president of Dow Jones
Schwartz Communications Colin. Besides,
The FBI in New York reported that the already engaged
investigation. It is not clear who will bear the
responsible for the invasion - even though
message in the media about what information
It has been stolen and is used
for insider trading, the investigators
We found no evidence of this.

The media reported that hackers
stolen materials have not yet been
published in the pages of The Wall Street
Journal. It is this information could affect
the shares of individual companies of the Dow Jones list. In theory, hackers could gain
profit by buying or selling shares
companies, which are constantly writing
Dow Jones publications the company - for example,
portals of The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Dow Jones
Newswires and MarketWatch. It is possible that the action of some
the company could fall soon after
Pub material.

By the way, most recently,
October 9, Dow Jones index opened data
a perfect cyber attack in which
hackers managed to steal contacts and
information on payment of about 3500
customers. Later, the company stated that
do not have any data that
customer information was stolen, and
also assured its users that
already working with law enforcement
bodies and leading firms

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