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Custom Chart Demo

Custom Chart Demo

ICustomChartDemo indicator is the demo version iCustomChart. iCustomChart indicator is designed to create custom graphs based on their history files. Used open format of history files.

Default Demo version creates a copy of the schedule on which it is running, and allows you to get acquainted with the possibilities iCustomChart. The demo version records the history of the symbol file that is used for demonstration, but you can not use one's own history files. On the chart, which was created iCustomChartDemo, you can see the indicators and expert work, written with LibCustomChart free libraries as well as experimenting with graphic objects.


  1. Advantages and features
  2. Input parameters

  3. indicator buffers

  4. data window

  5. history files

  6. Graphical objects for technical analysis

  7. Indicators and experts

1. Advantages and features

  • starts and runs on any open chart window (the schedule-substrate);

  • after downloading looks like a normal chart (see screenshot);

  • used open format of history files;
  • You can use the data format of MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5;

  • It allows you to create graphics synthetic or non-standard tools.

  • has built-in data window (DataWindow) (see Screenshot 4);

  • can use most of the objects from the standard set MetaTrader 5 (see screenshot 2) for technical analysis;

  • the possibility of creating online- or offline-charts;

  • time monitoring is carried out the opening bars to the millisecond;
  • can write their own indicators and advisers on the basis of synthetic character graphics (see Screenshot 3, 6).

2. Input Parameters

  • Historical file - the name of the history file may contain subfolders. All history files are in the folder "katalog_dannyh_terminala \ MQL5 \ Files \ iCustomChart \ History" and sought relative to this folder.
  • Max bars in chart - It allows you to display a fixed number of bars in the chart window. A zero value can display the maximum possible number of bars, up to a specified client terminal settings. When this parameter acts as a parameter similar client terminal described in the certificate. The default is 1000.
  • Update - way to update iCustomChart indicator:
                   Disable - update is disabled, the default setting;
                   Ticks - Update on every tick chart of the substrate;
                   Bars - update when a new bar on the chart-podlozhke.Primechanie: when the update is addressed to the history file. If the update history of the file does not happen, enable this option does not make sense.
  • Shadows - Control rendering shadow candle. Option is useful when creating some custom graphics, for example, Renko:
                   Enable - display of shadows is enabled, the default setting; 
                   Disable - the display is turned off shadows. 

  • Data scale - Displays on the timeline scale. 

                   Enable - time display of the scale is turned on, the default setting; 
                   Disable - the display is off the timeline. 

  • Value of zero buffer - Value zero buffer is calculated in accordance with the selected price constant.

3. Indicator buffers

0 It contains selected price constant. Buffer, mainly for obtaining data other indicators that use the first form of the call. 
1 bar opening time 
2 The opening price of the bar 
3 The maximum price of the bar 
4 The minimum price of the bar 
5 The closing price of the bar 
6 color bar 
7 exchange volume 
8 tick volume 
9 spread 

4. Data Window 

Built-in data window looks similar to regular window in the MetaTrader 5 data, but has a few additions (Screenshot 4). The data fields are displayed in the window: 

  • the top field - symbol and a parameter name. Parameter - is the value of "parameter" title history file (see the description of the history of the file format). Typical values ​​of the parameter mean period chosen tool. When you click on this field to load a window with information about the history file
    (Screenshot 5).
  • Date - bar opening date.
  • Time            - the opening of the bar.

  • Open           - the opening price of the bar.

  • High - the maximum price of the bar.
  • Low             - the minimum price of the bar.

  • Close - the closing price of the bar.

  • Volume        - exchange volume.

  • Tick ​​Volume - tick volume.
  • Spread        - Spread bars.
  • Bar              - bar number, zero bar - the last unfinished bar. 

5. History Files (HST-files)To draw graphs using the open format of history files, described in the User Guide MetaTrader 4. You can get ready for a history file or create it yourself. You can then use iCustomChart display for graphics. The format of the history file is as follows. First comes the title of the history of the file: struct HistoryHeader
  int version // version of the database
  char copyright [64]; // copyright
  char symbol [12]; // tool
  int parameter; // period or setting tool
  int digits; // number of digits after the decimal point in the tool
  time_t timesign; // temporary fingerprint database creation
  time_t last_sync; // the last synchronization
  int unused [13]; // for future use
} Base version history files MetaTrader 4 indicates "400" for MetaTrader 5 - "500". This is important because for each version has its own data structure bara.Standartnoe representation of an array of bars, following the headline for the story version of "400" is as follows: #pragma pack (push, 1)
struct RateInfo
 time_t ctm; // time in seconds
 double open; // open price of the bar
 double low; // the minimum price of the bar
 double high; // maximum bar price
 double close; // closing price bar
 double vol; // volume
#pragma pack (pop) Standard representation of an array of bars for the history file version of "500" is as follows:
#pragma pack (push, 1)
struct MqlRates
datetime time; // bar time in seconds or milliseconds
double open; // open price
double high; // the highest price for the period
double low; // lowest price for the period
double close; // close price
long tick_volume; // tick volume
int spread; // spread
long real_volume; // exchange volume
#pragma pack (pop)

Note that the version of "500" bar time can be specified in seconds, and milliseconds. iCustomChart correctly identifies both of the time format.

Important: The responsibility for the correctness of the history of the file the user.

6. Graphical objects for technical analysisStandard graphics objects terminal attached to the timeline graph substrate when placing in the graph window. Timeline custom graphs created with iCustomChart, does not always coincide with the scale of the graph-time support. Therefore iCustomChart automatically binds imposed graphical objects to their timeline. Synchronization with iCustomChart supported for the following full-time graphical objects in the MetaTrader 5:
  • lines: horizontal, vertical, trend, trend of the corner, cyclic, lines with arrows;
  • Channels: equidistant, Andrews pitchfork;

  • Fibonacci tools: line, time zones, fan, arcs, channel expansion;

  • Instruments Elliott: impulse wave corrective wave;

  • shapes: triangle, rectangle, ellipse;

  • arrow: good, bad, down, up, stop, tick, left and right price tag, the icon "Buy" and "Sell", custom arrow.

Sometimes, such as when closing the terminal, iCustomChart stores data about the objects in a temporary file, which is located in the folder "katalog_dannyh_terminala \ MQL5 \ Files \ iCustomChart \ Objects". all temporary files are also deleted when you delete iCustomChart of the chart window.7. Indicators and expertsConventional indicators, as well as objects, follow the timeline graph substrate. To bind to the timeline indicator iCustomChart be used free LibCustomChart library. library functions allow you to write indicators that automatically connect to iCustomChart (Screenshot 3), if it is loaded in the graphics window. If iCustomChart not loaded, these indicators will be no problem to work in a normal chart window. In addition, the library provides simplified access to Timeseries iCustomChart.Esli library functions used in the expert, the expert as well as the indicator will automatically use iCustomChart data if it is already loaded in the graphics window. If iCustomChart not loaded, the expert without any problems will work in the usual chart window and use it dannye.Primery use library of indicators and experts can be found in Code Base.

Custom Chart Demo

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