Monday, January 22, 2018

Fractal Alarm

Fractal Alarm

If you want to be aware of the movement of prices, receiving notice in Metatrader, or by e-mail, this product is exactly what you need.

This tool draws a line 2 by using fractals. One line of the last top-fractal, and the other - for the last lower fractal.

If the price goes beyond these lines, you receive an alert or notification by e-mail.


  • Finds the last maximum and minimum price

  • Alert me when the price goes beyond the last upper and lower fractal

  • 3 notification method: a comment on the screen, alerts, e-mail.

  • You can configure notifications, set the price at a certain distance from the upper and lower fractal.

  • You can also customize the color and line style.


  • Pips above the Up-fractal: The number of pips above the upper fractal.

  • Pips below the Down-fractal: The number of pips below the lower fractal.

  • Show Comment: Show / hide comments on the screen.

  • Show Alarm:. On / off. alerts.

  • Send E-mail:. On / off. e-mail notification.

  • Line Color: Choice of color lines.

  • Line Type: Select a line style.

Fractal Alarm

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