Wednesday, January 24, 2018

StalkerFx eurusd Lite

StalkerFx eurusd Lite

StalkerFX eurusd Lite - fully automated Expert Advisor for long-term trading on Forex, is specifically designed to work with the EURUSD.

timeframe H1.

Intelligent Advisor is fully optimized for a timeframe H1.

It detects candle configuration exposes the pending orders, and enters the breakdown of these levels.

It has an efficient and safe money management system (all transactions are provided with stop-loss).

important features

  • Do not customize the results by historical data

  • not martingale

  • not mesh

  • not arbitration

  • Always use a stop loss

  • It uses pending orders

  • Ability to disable Trailing Stop to reduce subsidence and increase profits

  • Good risk reward ratio

  • low drawdown

  • It can work for a fixed lot security strategy

  • It can work with money management system MM

  • It works on all brokers with five-digit quotes

  • It does not need optimization


  1. All brokers with any spread

  2. VPS mode 24 5

  3. any spread

  4. Minimum deposit 1000

  5. Shoulder from 1 to 50


  • IntervalforSL - interval pips to the stop-loss level;

  • lot - fixed lot (if you are working without MM);

  • Magic - a unique number adviser;

  • Slippage - Slippage in points;

  • ExpDate - expiry of pending orders (in hours);

  • Bar2Size - external size candles on which patterning occurs shadows;

  • KoefTP - ratio take profit and stop-loss;

  • Bu - with a value of the warrant becomes to breakeven;

  • BuLevel - what value (pip) assume bezubytka;

  • TralStart - the amount of profit in points, after which begins the trailing;

  • TralStop - the step size, which should lower profit to warrant closed;

  • MaxSpread - the maximum value of the spread;

  • MaxRisk - risk on the transaction of the deposit;

  • MA Period - the value of the moving average;

  • MM - enable / disable the management of capital;

  • Risk -% value of the deposit, which run the risk in each transaction.

Attention! Positive history of transactions in the past does not guarantee positive transactions in the future!

StalkerFx eurusd Lite

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