Friday, January 26, 2018

USDRUB Ruble falls without support

USD / RUB: Ruble falls without the support of exporters

On Wednesday morning at
the opening of trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange
exchange rate briefly rose against
The dollar and the euro (to 53.68 per dollar and 60.11 per
euro), but quickly returned to decrease.
So, by 12:00 MSK pair USD / RUB
trading at
54.206 and EUR / RUB -
at the level of 60.845. Russian national currency
It continues to show negative
trend that began last

On the fall of the ruble
greatly affected by the absence of large
exporters who have sold
currency earnings. analysts Savings Bank
believe that this month the tax
payment not strongly affect the dynamics
Currency pair USD / RUB. By the way, June peak
payments on June 25. experts
said that in the current tax period
foreign currency sales will be significantly
less than last month - is projected to be sold about $ 5 billion.

Yesterday, the ruble fell to
mark of 54.6 rubles. for dollar, but is closer to
He played close of trading losses through
rising oil prices by 2%. In tandem with the euro
Ruble also grew thanks to yesterday
Sales of the single European currency on
Forex market. "Traders closed their long
euro positions because they do not believe in
promises of European officials about
agreement with Greece ", - experts say.

Oil rises slightly
in price, especially after yesterday's report
American Petroleum Institute - on
According to the institute, commercial stocks
oil decreased by 3.2 million barrels, then
analysts expected reduction only
at 2.3 million barrels. official statistics
from the US Department of Energy will be released today at 17:30
for MSK.

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