Monday, January 29, 2018

IMF warns about risks of raising

IMF warns about the risks of raising the Fed rate.

IMF warns about the risks of raising the Fed rate -

Hints from the IMF about their vision of long-term trends, in my experience, are a very good hint of the most probable scenario for the development of trends.

We look at the current situation index:

After the completion of QE in the US has increased volatility and overall annual growth of S P is less than 100 points. On the NASDAQ situation is similar. It looks like those who play on credit money, it's time to leave. But in the rubble of the index back into the market will enter the big money. The output cache can be parked where QE continues.

For example, in DAX:

While the index rolls back together with the US indices, but when the effect of a weak euro and the ECB's QE will manifest itself, the situation can change dramatically and parked to the time of the capital will be used to disperse DAX.

Just QE continues in Japan:

How long will the fuse Nikkei is not known, but it is for long-term turning down no technical factors. But from a fundamental point of view of the IMF's advice to throw BOJ more bucks on the market indicates a possible continuation of the growth of the index and exchange rate USD / JPY up on schedule.

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