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Ace Zone Trader

Ace Zone Trader

Semiautomatic Advisor uses the principle of a wave of price movement

currencies: any

timeframe: M30, H1

The essence of the strategy lies in the fact that you share the schedule traded instrument with the help of vertical lines on the zone by any criteria. Area is considered to be the space between the two side by side standing vertical lines. Since the price has a wave structure - growth / decline / growth / drop zone as alternate. The advisor has the ability to set 4 different zones of alternation (Trading mode / shopping mode): From the chosen trade regime depends on which zone will go first.

  1. buy-sell-buy (the first zone - shopping zone)

  2. sell-buy-sell (the first zone - the sales area)

  3. buy-buy-buy (the first zone - shopping zone)

  4. sell-sell-sell (the first zone - the sales area)

The shopping area advisor will only buy in the sales area - only to sell (even if the order will be closed by Take Profit or Stop Loss). The settings can specify whether to close order when passing through the boundary zone (AllowClose parameter).

The trade modes 3 and 4 zones alternate "empty" areas in which the adviser will not open orders, but can close them depending on AllowClose settings.

For testing the expert use the tester in a visual mode, set the vertical line (minimum 2 lines for the reference area). The lines can be placed at once or move them. Depending on the trade regime in the transition rates across the border zones advisor will open and close orders.

Note: Since the trading terminal displays the time on Friday Saturday and Sunday, the lines are installed on vryamya falling these days, during the opening of the market on Monday shifted to the left. I recommend testing since Monday.

For convenient use, advisor download and install the free squeaks (lines capture and lines draw). With the first you can save (capture) to a file share directory Zones.txt date printed on the lines of the graph. Using the second - to draw lines on the graph by date of file Zones.txt

councilor settings

  • TradingMode - AkzoNobel mode 1 of 4 in the range of

  • Magic - the unique number

  • TakeProfit - take profit from the opening price

  • StopLoss - Stoploss ottseny opening

  • AllowClose - (True) - close order when passing through the zone boundaries, (false) - not close orders

  • RetryAttempt - the number of attempts to create order / closure order / installation StopLoss and TakeProfit

  • DynamicLot - (True) - use a lot as a percentage of assets, (false) - use a permanent item

  • RiskPercent - Percentage risk per trade if DynamicLot = true

  • Lot - lot size per trade if DynamicLot = false

  • Source - the data source used by advisor for (lines) - Work on the lines on the graph traded instrument, (files) - the work of Zones.txt file that sets the date of the zones (using scripts lines capture and lines draw) - the file will be located in a common directory folder terminals

  • FileName - File name of the EA from the file (by default Zones.txt)

Use the Cycle Indicators, cyclic line, Elliott wave, interpolation and other indicators in order to achieve the best results. Use Advisor to capture the trend, set the Take Profit level of 600-800 points and 300-350 points stoploss (for the five-digit quotes). Use the higher timeframes to highlight areas / cycles. It is a tool - use it.

Test your advisor in the tester and strategies on a demo account before you install on a real account

Below I will provide screenshots of the EA.

Ace Zone Trader

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