Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Summary of day

Summary of the day.

Gold struck up a small range:

In the long term could form the model of "head and shoulders" down. So far, the left shoulder is not embossed, and can take into account such a scenario.

Minor consolidation euros broken up:

When playing a "strong hand" and the decision to resolve the Greek tragicomedy owners of money have already taken, they will knock resistance level and will actively buy up without major setbacks down. If no such decision and will "butt" to the last, will see high volatility. These nuances are interesting from the point of view of long-term perspective. Reasons for the development of long-term uptrend euros there, but when it comes, is not clear.

Tomorrow, the BOJ meeting on monetary policy. Previous performance Kuroda sent the yen down 200 points. In the event of further "enchantment" yen pododvinu stop in the area of ​​124.42, as they can easily change to the opposite after a sharp strengthening of the yen rhetoric.

All successful trading.


According to the results ended on Friday June meeting, BOJ leadership kept the same course of monetary policy. No major decisions are made
did not have. QE continues unabated.

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