Friday, May 25, 2018

Trend hunter 2016

Trend hunter 2016

Description of the indicator and the rules of use

inherently light - trend, it is good "feel" the change in trend. Arrow signal after closing bar does not disappear is not redrawn. Open orders in direction of the arrow can be at the next bar after the onset of the signal. Use
indicator intuitive. When the first arrow of turquoise color -
preferred purchase. Red - sale.

You can use it for scalping on the M1. Wherein
include better when the first arrow of the opposite color. at
use indicator on the H4: the appearance of the arrow can be searched at the entrance
deal on a smaller timeframe towards H4. You can also use
indicator as a filter for your manual or automated trading

While creating
counselors use a buffer "0" indicator for sales buffer "1" for shopping.

Item display

The indicator has three custom parameter.

  • The frequency of occurrence of orders (1-500) - 1 - constantly in the market, 500 - rare. For scalping and to use the indicator as a filter to leave a value of "1". In this case it will be monitored the change in trend.

  • Sensitivity (50-500) - 50 - high (lots of noise). The default setting is "321" value. It is optimized in terms of signal quality.

  • The number of signals at the extremes - the lower the number, the less unfavorable shopping near the peaks and troughs in sales close to (0.5-5.5).

Trend hunter 2016


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