Thursday, May 24, 2018

President of Goldman Sachs price

President of Goldman Sachs: the price of oil drops to $ 30 per barrel

The head of OPEC yesterday
He spoke, he did not exclude the jump
oil prices up to $ 200 in the case of
a sharp decline in investment in the industry
and related production decline. according to him
opinion, the price has reached the bottom. On this
background did not fail to grow share
power industry worldwide.

But not with him
I agree, for example, the president of Goldman
Sachs Group Inc, Geri Kon, who in an interview
CNBC spoke: "We,
probably in anticipation of another
a long and deep the way down. "
According to him, after the prices
oil have fallen by 60% over six months,
the situation has become more favorable to the
Oil consumers, and the current
reduction they can win more,
fixing the current prices. "If you
a consumer, you are much hedzhiruete
more aggressively than it has ever been
before ", - says Cohn.

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