Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Price of oil is higher ruble bet

The price of oil is higher ruble - better

This was
interesting day, and most of the time in the spotlight remained oil,
despite the imminent meeting of the FOMC. She managed to continue the upward march
exclusively due to rumors that the oil producers still ready to go to
negotiations, and in February. As a result, the winners were once again
commodity currencies. USD / CAD I am trying to break the support 1.4050, and USD / RUB
I could leave below 78.00, touching a 2-day low of 77.37. Meanwhile,
Australian dollar received support from more positive data on
inflation: AUD / USD I reached the 3-week high 0.7081.

indexes also react more oil than the decision of the FOMC. Tone
accompanying statement clearly softened disappeared phrase about "moderate pace
growth "and about the" balance of risks ", the Fed has promised to monitor closely
market conditions, and in relation to the future prospects has been not so much
confidence in December. However, softer tone was unable to support the demand for
US assets, which were trading in the red. Grown more than others
Brazilian stocks Petrobras (PBR) - to 9.56%. Brent reached
3-week high of 34.32 dollars. / Bbl. WOlot has grown to $ 1127.30 per

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