Friday, July 21, 2017

Error first transaction

Error first transaction

There are errors that make almost all, many then stubbornly not to notice them, and repeat visits from time. the most "mystery" of them - the first transaction error. Even of its existence in the popular and mass literature and dealer seminars mentioned in passing, and reluctantly. Now I will briefly outline how it is done and what is.

So, the future luminary financial spheres, ukontropupiv couple of demos, one to keep, and the latter even significantly raising, preparing to go long on the real world. The situation could not be better - indicators show a reversal, which until then independently predicted analysts steam. All this confirms the personal opinion of the trade. It is expected a quick exit to breakeven and enjoyable couple of days of growth. Stop loss is obvious, the take in the 3-4-5 times farther, calculated on the amount of risk and polprotsentny ...

.... DRUMROLL ....

almost 100% guarantee that the future of light is already committed "first transaction error"Without even pressing a button on the terminal.

The fact that the first on the priority, scope and importance of the trader deal - opening deposit. It's exactly the same deal as all who are coming in the future. Only leverage 1: 1, volume 100% and the duration of the month.

The market should be studied not only for the choice of strategy, but in terms of opening "depot" as a transaction: in what currency, exactly when, how long, where stop-loss / take profit as "trawl" and so on.

A long as said future luminary opened its first deal in a random way, without specifying the risks and without MM - just everything. As if he did not study.

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