Friday, May 4, 2018

Gold rises in price on Thursday

Gold rises in price on Thursday against the backdrop of a weakening dollar

Today futures for
gold delivery have risen in April
- investors are once again go from the weakening
dollar in more familiar precious
metal shelter. The US currency
dropped after Publishing Protocol
the last Fed meeting, where it was
It said that the regulator is not in a hurry early
to raise interest rates.

By 14:53 MSK on gold
It traded at $ 1218.30 per troy
ounce, and yesterday closed at around
$ 1200.20 (based on portal).

Fed officials fear
that an early rate hike may
prevent recovery of the US
economy - their words were confirmed
yesterday evening published protocol
January meeting.

"Gold gains after
publication of the protocol can be explained
easing fears of investors,
associated with an increase in rates. inevitable
raising rates is unfavorable for
gold, but the Fed's decision to show patience
a relief in the gold market".
- said HSBC analyst Dzheyms Stil.

Investors are still
closely monitoring the situation in
Greece, whose government today
asked the eurozone to extend credit
agreement, not to stay entirely
no money in the coming weeks.

Silver at this time
It is trading at $ 16.663 per ounce
compared with $ 16.265 at the close yesterday.

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