Friday, May 25, 2018

Quantina Straddle Trader EA 2016

Quantina Straddle Trader EA 2016 Auto


  • 4-5-valued platform is supported and automatically detected.

  • Is compatible with the types of ECN / STP live accounts.

  • Advanced method care breakeven (Triggering Lock +).

  • Before leaving to breakeven possible trailing.

  • The individual distances for orders Buy and Sell.

  • Intelligent Money Manager (calculated using the Stop-Loss).

  • Unique algorithm for pending orders

  • maximum spread filter.

  • Settings can be used in the pips or points.

  • Function stealth mode (Stealth Mode) to protect your account.

For beginners

News trade (Straddle trading) is described as a simple method of exhibiting two pending orders before the release of economic news, buy-stop and sell-stop. The essence of this is to put a trap to capture the movement of the market after the news, which can go either way. If a news outlet will be bullish, bullish surge force work order buy-stop, and perhaps the trader will be able to make some money. The same applies for bear bursts. Therefore, in the direction of the news trade news is not so important and irrelevant.

In a nutshell

Set up two divergent pending orders in just a few minutes before the news. (BuyStop - SellStop)

The market will react, and impel the price in one direction (long or short).

Then keep track of and protect your executed order using Method bezubytka (BreakEven Method *) and a trailing stop.

All you need to do is set the time of the news events and adviser immediately open transaction to the desired date and time.

Input default settings

  • OpenDateTime = 2015.11.06 15:30:00: Customizable planned during news events. Format: YYYY.MM.DD hh: mm: ss.

  • LotSize = 0.0: Trade size if it is equal to 0.0, then the adviser will calculate with the help of your trading risk.

  • RiskPercent = 5.0: The percentage of the trade risk. He will calculate the size of your lot traded. Value in percentage.

  • AllowBuyOrders = true: Allow open long (buy) transaction.

  • AllowSellOrders = true: Allow to open short (sell) transactions.

  • CountedCandleNumber = 0: Advisor will set a pending order Buystop Sellstop and above and below the highest point of the previous maximum spark + Buy Distance. Here you can specify how many previous candles will be counted.

  • BuyDistance = 10: Formerly known as "PipsAway". This value will be added only for pending orders BUYSTOP.

  • SellDistance = 10: Formerly known as "PipsAway". This value will be added only for pending orders SELLSTOP.

  • SecBeforePost = 10: Seconds before publication, when EA will put the pending orders before exiting news.

  • MaxSpread = 20Maximum permissible spread during trading.

  • TrailingStop = 15: Enter the number of pips for trailing stop, and an advisor will monitor all profitable orders.

  • TrailingStep = 1For any track market price must move at least TrailingStep in pips.

  • TrailBeforeBreakEven = false: It is possible to run TrailingStop BreakEven.

  • BreakEvenTrigger = 6: The market must pass a minimum BET pips to gain a foothold in BreakEvenLock to keep your profits BreakEvenLock = 3.

  • StealthMode = false: Advisor will not send your broker parameters StopLoss or TakeProfit.

  • DeletePendingAfterSec = 180: This will cancel all outstanding pending orders in a few seconds.

  • OneCancelOther = false: Immediately cancels the other (opposite) pending order.

  • PushNotificationEnabled: If set to true, and you set up this feature in your terminal MetaTrader, Quantina Straddle Trader EA will send a relevant message alerts on your smartphone.

  • EmailAlertEnabled: If set to true, and you have set this function on your terminal MetaTrader, Quantina Straddle Trader EA sends email-alerts on your email-address.

  • MagicNumber: The unique ID, if you are running more than one councilor.

  • DebugMode = false: Debug Mode will record more information on your schedule, and can also take screenshots of your trading.

  • ValuesInPip = trueWhether you are setting up this EA in the values ​​of pips or points.

Quantina Straddle Trader EA 2016 Auto

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