Monday, May 28, 2018

Tighten screw you open all doors

Tighten the screw you open all the doors

Tighten the screw you all the cards will be opened.

How often do you fear there is trade opening? Probably all readers know the feeling when you sit at the computer screen and not as you can not be solved, to open or not to open a deal and when you still decided to market bats and starts to go against you, and the reason for that is that you're thinking too much, and all because of the fact that this plan is not passed standard transactions.

What is the standard of deals and how to pass?

The ratio is a simple rule, the rate of statistical factors that reflect the essence of your actions, and actions are correct or not correct, and if you speak more clearly, it is not efficient and effective.

Pickup and trading! What common?

Every man has ever tried to make an approach to the girl and in 98% of this on top did not work, so sad statistics? Just like in trading! But still, there are those who are sufficiently rested and convents, those who still have eggs and who are not afraid to touch them. And they are beginning to do? What effective steps they use? The answer is very simple:

1) Watch the successful actions of those who have already happened (on YouTube). This does not include reading books about dating, etc. it's all nonsense. We are talking about the video of those who actually do this in practice. Who cares, I will throw off links to their channels. Since it is really very cool.

2) Go to the battle in the hunt! Go out and start getting to know. Begin to experience stress.

But even in this case, many give up, as they are constantly otshivayut. But what makes the most intelligent? Intuitively, they begin to approach as much as possible to the big girls and total look how many times he rebuffed many times given phone number, as agreed on a date and how many times he woke up with a new girl.

At this point, people are already starting to calm refers to acquaintances, he has the experience, runs wild fear and he does it is almost automatic.

What is the meaning of this example? Only make sense that you need to keep statistics. For example during the week we came to 100 girls, 50 were given a room, 20 came to the meeting, and from 8 in the morning you woke up. What does this tell us? (Something that all women are whores). So that you're done! You're not risking nothing more than 8 times a week you wake up with new girls.

Trade = specification deals! Your personal stats!

We as a trader should always strive to where the effectiveness of our actions is high, where the expectation of transactions is high enough, but as we do all understand and identify?

Quite simply, we need to keep a diary of the trader, the analysis of their actions, their trades. There are a number of online services, such as but there like me, we know there is still no free analysis of transactions. It is necessary to register and to continuously pay a monthly fee, also need internet. We therefore free to make a small file in Excell that shows you your efficiency. It looks something like this:

As I said, it is completely free. You just need to write to me in Skype (Aziz4eg) and in our group chat, I will throw off you that I've found. Write to me on Skype and you can via the website, go to the main page by clicking on the Skype AlievTG word.

What is the meaning, what outcome?

In conclusion, summing up we can say only one thing! In order not to piss in front of the opening of the transaction, you must:

1) Make it many times (fear runs only in practice) The more transactions (profitable) the less fear. I do not believe those who say that the fear of the approach, as well as the fear of trade opening depends only on the number of transactions / approaches.

If you have made 500 transactions and 500 in negative, then obviously you are doing something, something is wrong and fear at the same time increased + added panic here, as well as approaches to the girls. But Approaches to the girl you almost, than not at risk.

2) Be aware of what you are doing. You need to have a clear algorithm, the rules' approach ", in which you get to close the deal in plus at least with the expectation 1d4 (Risk / Profit).

The meaning and the whole point is that you need to understand why you are taking this or that decision even after the adoption of any of the decisions to carry out its analysis on only one factor, the efficiency factor. And the effectiveness of it, we risk reward ratio.

I think that my post was useful to you and if you liked it then just do repost in sots.seti, click huskies or write a comment, and also do not forget to join our private chat after going to the main page AlievTG site ( /) or by writing to me at Skype: Aziz4eg

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