Tuesday, May 29, 2018

In US there was first licensed

In the US there was the first licensed Bitcoin market

Today launched in the US
work first Bitcoin exchange - serious
support for the development of digital currency
Bitcoin. Media note that this is the first
fully licensed kriptovalyutnaya
Exchange in the United States.

Manage the exchange will
Company Coinbase, which intends to provide
maximum security trade
cryptocurrency in real-time
individual and large investors.

before purchase
Bitcoin could only
unregulated "virtual markets"
which almost all are for
Outside the United States, and because the US
Investors were hardly able to get to them
access. How to convince Coinbase, now all
change - a new regulated exchanges,
where all funds are fully insured,
ensures its traders that their
money will not disappear.

"The emergence of legitimate
Organized exchange, which has
necessary capital and support for the famous
investors, solves one of the key
problems in the issue of buying Bitcoins.
This will undoubtedly have an impact on the stabilization
cryptocurrency rate ", - says Campbell
R. Harvey, Professor of Finance at the University

For his services Coinbase
Commission will take less than 1%. After
how Exchange is testing its technology
in the US, the company may expand operations
and abroad.

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