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Forex vs real alternative to stock

Forex vs real alternative to stock markets. Part 2.

Continuing the theme begun earlier. Today I will talk about the possibilities of opening a demo account. To my great regret, the advantage in the convenience in the direction of forex. Open unlimited demo account on forex can be directly from the terminal installed on your computer. It is very convenient - a leaked demo account, time - and then you can trade on the other by the same amount! The life would be so ...

Opening demo on exchange platforms, is another matter. The first thing to say that access to stock quotes provided by brokers other terminals largely different from the prevailing Forex MT4. MT5 terminal, replacing the MT4, though certified RTS, but at the moment I have only heard two brokers (BCS and Opening), which provide access through the derivatives market FORTS. On the MICEX exchange is not yet certified. It was during the time of transition from the comfortable and the familiar MT4 to a more complex terminal stock the majority of traders have problems. Personally, I stile at Quick with a terrible creaking, and reluctance. The truth is now, Quick seems to me quite comfortable and clear.
It Quick is the most common terminal for trading on the RTS and MICEX. Each broker a list of terminals offered to the client, but the Quick, I think everyone has.

With the opening of the demo on the Russian stock exchange it is somewhat more complicated than the forex. A demo account on offer Quick for a limited time, from one to several months. The possibility of extending in the future depends on the broker kindness - not all of it is allowed. (A couple of months ago was interested in the BCS, there have promised to renew. In Finam definitely not be extended.) Another feature which I personally encountered. At the Kwik finamovskoy demo historical data completely coincided with the real, and the quotes are for the current day "toy". The principle of creating "toy" stream I failed to find quotations, my broker referred to the fact that they come with a demo stream of the exchange itself. And, obviously, there are reduced orders demotorgovtsev opened demo and different brokers, ie, a real exchange trade, but accounts of the toy. However, they say, it has the opportunity to open an unlimited demo on another terminal in the company ITinvest. Moreover, the organization of demo accounts there is different from the demo on Quick, where you can try your hand at the real plot. Minus these demo accounts - they can not see its application in the glass. So, no matter how much you did not go on your order market reaction is not, that is exactly how the forex. :)

Say with certainty which terminal is the most popular in the western areas do not presume, but personally I most likable NinjaTrader terminal. Chic terminal. Like so much that in fear of Kwik even ordered a program to convert the data from Quicken to Ninzyu. And chart analysis is done in Ninze.

Demo account for the study on Western markets also opened with a time limit. Some of our brokers believe that this is enough for 14 days, the West give more. By the way, only a few of our brokers I have not seen NinjaTrader terminal for trading on the west, they offer other terminals.

Of course, the ban on re-registration of a demo account is easy enough to dispense. And now the Internet Indian need not tell how to clean cookies and browser cache and change the ip. But it's still an inconvenience compared to the demo on forex.

And, finally, about another common misconception beginners. Some people believe that real open a broker at the current exchange expensive. In fact, on the RTS-MICEX to make it real in the range of $ 200. For example Finam is now open accounts from 5000 rubles. And this amount is enough for many trade futures and stocks. For example, about these finamovskie account I write in the following parts of this series of posts.

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