Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Shares are carried out brokers

Shares are carried out brokers.

In modern conditions when working on the stock exchange, there are many ways to increase a profit, just need to keep track of events, which are held by your broker, and sometimes when a particularly lucrative offers and you can change the broker.

Not that traders are not willing to communicate with the bonus programs, but that action is not always a bonus, there are other safer and more attractive offers.

Consider what today offer brokers in the forex for what would attract customers:

• Bonuses when recharging - there are plenty of them, the size ranges from 10 to 100 percent, it makes sense to communicate only in the case if you do not plan in the near future to withdraw money, otherwise you may experience some inconvenience.

• Make a deposit or withdrawal without commission - you can save a couple of percent, while large amounts of trade, it is not such a small thing.

• Free VPS - many brokers offer free virtual server, when funding the account for a certain amount, it is convenient if you are trading advisors or use a trailing stop. Details on this issue was rising in the article "VPS for Forex"

• Reducing the spread - to a particular trading instrument, sometimes brokerage firms for promotional purposes significantly reduce the spread of a particular currency pair. It is clear that it is quite profitable, especially for pipsing or scalping.

• Reduction of the minimum requirements - most often, the steeper by PRO, ECN, etc., the more attractive trading conditions on it, but the minimum amount to activate it usually starts at $ 1,000. But, there are times when brokers offer a trial period during which you can enjoy the benefits of working for professional accounts without a large deposit.

• Return of the spread - simple and complex rebeyt programs that you can regain a part of a cohesive spread, and sometimes it exceeds the sum of the size of the trader's deposit.

Sometimes there are pretty decent offer, so do not forget to keep track of news on the broker's website, but rather subscribe to their newsletter, which would use every opportunity to improve trading conditions.

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