Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Bastem Barla Trend

Bastem Barla Trend

This indicator is used to determine the trend. A standard MACD indicator.

Equipped with a system of warnings, sounds, alerts via e-mail, and three types of alerts, including sending messages to a mobile phone.

Best results were obtained at 5 minute chart.

alert system is activated when the set value trend.

It works on Forex with CFD and other tools.

The first value - fast EMA. The default value is 26.

Input parameters:

  • FirstEma = 26 - the first moving average

  • ControlEma = 99 - control Moving Average

  • TrendEma = 21 - moving average trend

  • AdxValue = 19 - ADX indicator value

  • bool SoundAlarm = true - audible warning

  • bool Sendmail = true - sending notification signal to buy or sell by e-mail

  • bool Sendnotification = true - send the notification to the mobile phone

Bastem Barla Trend

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