Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Virtual Lines pro

Virtual Lines pro

This trading robot that has a number of key features:

  1. It can be operated in semi-automatic mode, allowing the trader to actively influence the process of trade.

  2. Broker does not send data on the stop-loss and take-profit. All of the above line - it is a virtual level, the robot uses in its work and sends the command to the broker only for the opening and closing orders. In connection with this terminal, on which a robot must operate continuously and be connected to the Internet. The optimal solution is to use the VPS.

One of the strategies the robot use:

  • First, the robot is in automatic mode.

    As you know, most of the time the market is in "the flat". At this time, it is the most profitable strategy, using the principle of "Martingale". When the market goes into trend, the strategy should be changed. It is this idea lies in the logic of this robot. With the default settings, the robot will make a profit effectively, while working towards the BUY and SELL and using the principle of "Martingale" for the "sink" of orders and the principle of a "pyramid" or "top-up with the trend" for profitable direction. For the opening orders the robot uses a unique signal indicator that determines the termination of the pulse of the price movement. It is also possible to use two filters moving average (the parameters are changed in settings) and the indicator Stochastic. Upon reaching the limit orders in one direction to open orders robot stops and sends a signal to the trader mobile terminal (IOS, Android - terminal requires adjustment). Next trader independently analyze the situation and take a decision.

  • Upon notification trader manages advisor.

    During operation, the robot draws a virtual line take profit for the direction and the direction SELL BUY. When you hover the mouse lines were signed respectively: TakeProfitGridBuy and TakeProfitGridSell. When you double-click on the line it is released and can be dragged with the mouse. Thus, analyzing the graph, the trader takes his own decision where to drag the level of the virtual take-profit. Further, the next time you double-click on the line, it ceases to be isolated and at the same time open a market order in this volume to take profit of all the orders of the chosen direction was exactly on the site of the new line take-profit. If the trader has made the correct decision, the price reaches the desired line, orders are closed and the cycle begins again. When you select a line of the virtual take-profit, we see on the chart appear two more lines that correspond as much as possible close to the price line and take profit line bezubytka orders at the opening with the largest possible lot, the level of which is specified in the settings.

Basic settings advisor (not all)

  • Direction Trade - Buy and Sell (Trade Direction)

  • Auto-trade Buy - true (If false, then the robot will try to close in profit open orders BUY, after the closure of a series of new orders can not be opened)

  • Auto-trade Sell - true (If false, then the robot will try to close in profit open orders SELL, after the closure of a series of new orders can not be opened)

  • Lots of start - 0.01 (starting Lot)

  • Indent in point - 3 (Indenting paragraphs, is used in calculating the trailing, step pyramids and pending orders)

  • Take profit of grid in point - 10 (take profit orders at the grid points)

  • Multiplicator of grid -1.6 (Modifier lot grid orders at step exactly equal to the minimum step grid)

  • Step of grid - 20 (minimum grid spacing)

  • Use stop orders - true, market - false - true (or open grid orders in the market or the pending orders to Indent distance)

  • Maximum orders in one direction - 3 (. The maximum number of orders in one direction is recommended - 3)

  • Maximum lot - 1 (maximum allowable lot)

  • How many candles in a row slowing trend - 7 (How many candles trend slows down in a row, setting a unique indicator)

  • Use MA or no - false (or not use a filter on the MA, with the true minimum grid spacing of orders increases)

  • Use Stoch or no - true (or not use a filter on the Stochastic has, if true orders are opened only when the price is between the levels of stochastics)

Virtual Lines pro


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