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EA Pack

EA Pack

EA Pack It combines advisors package that can be used in any configuration on any currency pairs!

Overview of already included in the package of strategies:

  • RSITrail_Strategi_1 - EA opens a warrant for RSI and accompanies him.

  • GridRSI_Strategi_2 - grid strategy can work simultaneously in different directions from the price and (or) balance.

  • TrendTrail_Strategi_3 - based on the breakdown of the channel (which he builds).

  • Scalper_Strategi_4 - based on intrahour trend reversal (when the market come major participants), but it only works for the daily trend.

  • Speed_Strategi_5 - uses two oscillators: they show a trend, its power and speed (or acceleration phase).

  • Gap_Strategi_6 - opens the transaction at break candles (closing and opening the new penultimate) greater than the specified (in points).

  • Math_Strategi_7 - strategy without indicators, works both ways, just math.

  • Arbitrate_Strategi_8 - Arbitration, based on the price movement in one of the sides.

  • Rebound_Strategi_9 - The essence of the strategy - opposite the pullback from the previous time interval.

Free version -

Additional information - in the "Discussion" section.

Some of the information about the counselor will work deliberately not open!

Waiting for your suggestions and criticism! Everything will be taken into account and corrected as soon as possible!


Any parameter in the end worth id strategies

To Activate Strategies - activation mode (on \ off) strategies

Example: Enter the name Scalper_Strategi_4 strategy and its serial number id = 4 (which will define its parameters).

  • True - enabled strategy. False - off strategy.

Money Manager - Risk Management

  • Risk - setting the initial bid, namely the leverage of available funds. If the lot is less than 0.01, it is 0.01. Example: Risk with deposit 4 1000 = 0.04, Risk 0.5 when the deposit of 10 000 = 0.05.

Basic - general

  • FixLot - value fixed lot, cancels only option Risk.

  • GridStep - set the distance between grid orders (in points) adaptive pitch analysis to set the value 0.

  • MaxTraid - the maximum number of transactions (at which the advisor is required to reboot).

Trailing - Trailing

  • TrailingStop - StopLoss move away from price.

  • TrailStep - include TrailingStep.

  • TrailingStep - interval at which verified TrailingStop.

  • Bezubitok - inclusion bezubytka (breakeven - StopLoss stop at the opening price of the warrants).

Martingale - factors

  • Multuplier - multiplier lots.

  • OrdersLoss - number of losing trades, after which comes Multuplier.

  • AutoLot - annul the above parameters and activates the options below:

  • MaxRisk - the maximum risk.

  • AntiMultuplier - after a profitable trade risk divided by this parameter.

  • MinRisk - minimal risk.

TP and SL - TakeProfit and StopLoss

Banal indication of the level of profit and loss with the exception

  • StopLoss2 - value (in points) of the closing level of profitable grid from the last order.

  • Dist8 - the distance in points from the differently directed orders.

Other - Other

  • Gap6 - breaking distance (in points) for the opening of the transaction.

  • Traid7 - operation (buy, sell, All).

  • MaxTraid8 - the maximum number of warrants that the adviser can keep open at the same time.

  • Ordersomment - comment order.

  • Slippage - slippage (the difference between the price at the moment of impact of the order to the broker, and the one on which the order is executed).

Magic - the identification number

This section specifies the unique number of each advisor (strategies) in isolation, they do not coincide. These numbers counselors recognize their orders.

Indicator - indicator settings

  • RSIPeriod - period RSI indicator. Number of bars used to calculate the indicator.

  • GridRSIPeriod2 - period RSI indicator. Number of bars used to calculate the indicator.

  • MathiMAPeriod7 - period MA indicator. Number of bars used to calculate the indicator.

  • Only H1.

  • The default settings are for EURUSD H1.

  • Settings are not optimized and it is not fitting to the story. Everyone chooses his own settings, or use the standard.

  • Before starting the advisor to make sure you have the standard indicators.

  • The minimum deposit is not important, but remember that in the market 0.01 - the minimum lot.

EA Pack


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