Monday, November 20, 2017

Alpha Trend Spotter Binary Option

Alpha Trend Spotter Binary Option

The indicator is designed for binary options trading timeframe M1 or turbo options.

In terms of the essence of the binary option trader is that you predict the direction of movement of a particular underlying asset (share, commodity, currency, etc.) at a specific time and place a bet. You know in advance how much money will earn in case of success. If your prediction was wrong, you lose your bet. If your prediction was confirmed, you will get your interest plus income. Income is typically 70-85%.


  • Bar period - the number of bars for the calculation. Default 5.


  1. red bar It means that the next candle is bearish.

  2. green bar It means that the next candle is bullish.

  3. orange bar It means a ban on the sale to the next candle.


On M1 timeframe, take a look at the last bar. If the bar is RED, sell.

If the bar GREEN, buy.

If the bar is orange, do not open the position until the red or green candle.

Alpha Trend Spotter Binary Option

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