Thursday, May 10, 2018

Smart Ruler MT5

Smart Ruler MT5

Suitable means for measuring the distance between points in prices.
There Magnet to OHLC prices. Profit calculation, based on the specified
lot size, based on the current spread, or without it. count the number
bars between these points and the time difference. The calculation of the angle
deviations from the horizontal position. Unnecessary settings can be
hide. In an inactive state does not take up much space on the chart.

adding an indicator on a graph in the specified location (X distance, Y
distance) inscription "Ruler" is displayed. To activate mode
measurement, it is necessary to click on it. This will bring
a table with the current settings. To take a measurement, you must
set the coordinates of two points on the graph by clicking the mouse in the right places.
After performing the measurements you must click on the inscription "Ruler" for
deactivating the measurement mode.

Input parameters

  • X distance - the X coordinate of the inscription "Ruler".

  • Y distance - the Y coordinate of the inscription "Ruler".

  • Magnet area - Magnet area in points.

  • Display points - displaying the distance (absolute value of difference) between these rates in paragraphs (see Note 1.).

  • Display profit - to display the calculated profit value expressed in the base currency.

  • Consider the spread - consider the current spread value when calculating the profit.

  • Lot size - lot size for calculating profit.

  • Display
    bars count - displays the number of bars between specified points, with
    Given the extreme bars (if the beginning and end of the match, will be displayed
    value of 1).

  • Display time diff - display the time difference between the specified points.

  • Display
    angle - the absolute value display segment deviation angle from
    horizontal position (see. Note 2), the default is off.

  • Angle coeff - time scale factor to calculate the angle.

  • Text color (active) - text color (measuring mode).

  • Text color (inactive) - the color of the text (the measurement mode is not active).

  • Line color - the color of the lines.

  • Display projections - projection display.

Note 1:
The distance between the two prices will be displayed in points by force,
If neither one of the displayed item is selected.

Note 2:
The angle of deviation from the horizontal position - rather conditional
value. It is considered by the formula a = arctan (dpp / (k * len)), where dpp -
the distance between two points in points, len - the number of bars
(Including the boundary), k - time scale factor (parameter Angle
coeff). The coefficient is adjusted individually for the current scale of the axes
price and time.


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