Friday, May 11, 2018

Compiled lists of Russian companies

Compiled lists of Russian companies, which will save in the first place

The Russian government
received from the Ministry of Economic Development New
the list of strategic enterprises,
which will need to save in the first
turn in a crisis situation. Edition
"Times" compared this list with
list in 2008 and found that the number of
"Important" companies fell by almost
40% - there were 304, and now only 190.

new list
backbone enterprises sent
on Monday, the previous
variants remove those who have stopped
its existence, as well as some
acting. Plus added a few
new companies.

"Now the list
about 190 enterprises. But we have to
to understand that there are given head
Company, - said in the secretariat
First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.
By the way, this list may reconsider
and in the final version to incorporate the new
company, or vice versa, remove from him
someone. In the ministry does not
commented on the situation.

According to the source
publications in the new list - "locomotives
economy ", which provide
the main contribution to the GDP ( "Gazprom", the AFC
"System", "Surgutneftegaz", "Rostec"
and X5 Retail Group). Neither the new nor the old no
financial institutions.

But journalists
there is now a new list - a list of the
We removed eight media: RTR, TTC "Ostankino"
MIA "Russia today", "First Channel"
"Petersburg - Channel Five", Tass,
"Interfax" and RBC. "Media companies
removed. In case of problems, they will be supported
in other ways, "- said another
newspaper source familiar with the

By the way, the list of companies
from the Ministry of Economic Development is not the only one.
Your list is also posted in
Government and the Ministry of Industry. "AT
Ministry of Industry selected do not match
formal quantitative criteria
enterprises which, nevertheless,
They are important to the industry. initially
There were about 260 enterprises, then list
reduced to about 65-70 "- as
a source told the newspaper. enable
these enterprises in the general list of refused.
"The list will go to the" second list ".
He will remain in charge of Industry and Trade -
in the framework of its competence and
will provide opportunities
monitoring and support of these enterprises "
- he said.

For what
compiled these lists? Likely,
to warn the excitement during
crisis - and having learned from past experience
crisis. "There have been various support measures.
In particular, VEB bought
shares of some companies, maintaining
thus their quotes and save on margin
call and other forms of commitment. Besides
of strategic enterprises
received direct loans through VEB, and
as Sberbank and VTB. Finally, issued
state guarantees - mainly those who were
associated with the state order "- recalled
co-chairman of "Business Russia" Anton

"In the last crisis
saving owners. Who will
help in difficult employees
situation. If the management of the company,
engaged in mismanagement,
have not learned anything, it is the enterprise
waiting for market-based instruments, including
rehabilitation process ", - said the representative
Shuvalov. At this time, the main focus
make in helping people - retraining,
resettlement and self-employment, these
purpose in the federal budget is already
It provided more than 52 billion rubles.

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