Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pair Trading Spread

Pair Trading Spread

Indicator Pair Trading Spread helps to visualize the moments of the beginning of convergence (collapse) of the two instruments, the signals are not delayed, that allows to enter into the market and get out of it.

The indicator for the pair trading, to create your own trading system based on the difference in the movement of trading tools.

Unlike most multi-indicator, Pair Trading Spread does not load the processor, calculations are made instantly, not redrawn.

Settings for each currency pair to optimally calibrate the indicator. There is an opportunity to display the "mirror" pairs. In drawing currency pairs already priced volatility instruments, and clearly shows lotnost traded pairs.

How to use this indicator? Very simple! We look forward to when the histogram bar will turn red, it indicates the beginning of convergence tools. With the advent of a new bar opening deal, watch the position of the indicator lines: if the blue line above the green, the instrument corresponding to the blue line, sell, buy a second instrument. If the pairs are mirror, both buy or sell, or depending on the position of the histogram (above zero - sell below zero - buy).

Closing of the transaction at the intersection histogram zero line, or if there is a profit, the total equity of the trawl to victory.

display Setting

The indicator can be set to any tool chart, regardless of prescribed settings. quotes history is loaded automatically if they are not available on any instrument.

  • symbol1 - name of the first tool;

  • fast1, slow1 - settings to customize the tool display line (need to pick up the line to the same track on the chart tool behavior);

  • symbol2 - the name of the second tool;

  • fast2, slow2 - settings to customize the tool display line (need to pick up the line to the same track on the chart tool behavior);

  • reverse - install true, if a pair of "mirror" (negatively correlated);

  • volatile_period - ATR period to account for the volatility and the lot of the second tool relative to the first.

For each pair of tools you need to choose the parameters of the indicator. Later in the optimization does not need, or in a small range of options already chosen.

Important: Multi-indicator is not tested in the tester MetaTrader 4, so the ability to test a version indicator for Metatrader5. Read here.

Pair Trading Spread

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