Monday, October 30, 2017

KL 4X Cross ATR

KL 4X Cross ATR

4X_Cross_ATR significantly helps professional traders who rely on certain indicators, such as the ATR, to quickly determine the appropriate levels for SL and TP.

4X_Cross_ATR displays two horizontal lines above and below the current price, as indicated by the crosshairs. Now it is easy to see whether the former support and resistance levels in this range are. If not, ATR levels may show appropriate levels for SL and TP.

Note: Free version is available here: Free version only works on CADCHF symbols, CHFJPY and USDPLN.

Use the key S for sale and B to buy 4X_Cross_ATR places SL and TP, mounted on the cross levels ATR, and the level of the crosshairs as the level of the opening price of the warrant.

Advisor automatically determines the type of order on the Status of the crosshairs. Also, before placing orders Advisor displays a confirmation dialog with the order parameters.

Lot size orders is calculated according to the above risks on the balance of your account, divided by each order. In order to increase profits, the second order must be set to take profit.

When you try to invoice market order does not require high accuracy, since the order to spread the zone will be automatically moved to the level of the current market price.

4X_Cross_ATR uses the following keys:

  • Key M enable / disable the crosshair levels of ATR and enables trade adviser.

  • Key S for sale, exposes two identical orders with SL and the TP, installed on the ATR levels, but the second order without TP.

  • Key B It does the same as the key S, but for the opposite type of orders.

  • Key D delete all pending orders with the current schedule.

  • keys , and . (In many cases <>) May increase or decrease the distance ATR horizontal lines, if they are required to adjust the resistance and support levels.

  • Key U It multiplies the distance to the top fold line 5, so that the risk ratio can be set and yield, wherein from about 1: 1.

  • Key L It multiplies the distance to the bottom fold line 5 - to risk ratio, and yield different from 1: 1.

In the settings you can specify

  • risk value as a percentage of your account balance,

  • exhibiting one or two identical orders,

  • distance in pips to add to the spread, for issuing market orders with low spread,

  • You can set compulsory calculation ATR in each period of the schedule,

  • averaging period ATR,

  • color and style of the crosshair lines.

KL 4X Cross ATR

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