Wednesday, November 1, 2017

America last fall investors fear

America last fall, investors fear for the future of the economy

On Tuesday, August 25
trading on US stock exchanges
It ended with the fall of the indices. Interesting,
that in the beginning of the trading market has grown by
News from the Chinese central bank,
but in the last hour has increased
the sale of shares. So, at the end of the session
index Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.29%
Standard Poor's 500 - on 1,35%, Nasdaq Composite - on
0.44%. Volatility index VIX, which
economists also called "index
fear"It remains near maximum
level for the past four years - 36
points, while the average long-term
value was at the level of 20 points.

Analysts at Goldman Sachs
They say they do not need to panic
due to a possible slowdown
China's economy, and it is necessary to use
current market fluctuations for new
investment. "Ultimately, the risks
rather there for China", - consider
they. And experts forecast from Goldman
Sachs, Standard Poor's index of 500 by year-end
should rise by 11%. Incidentally, S P 500
yesterday rose by 2.9% during the trading session,
but then greatly reduced.

In the fall of leaders yesterday
were telecommunications and shares
power companies. shares
Newmont Mining Corp. decreased 4.3% due to fear
possible reduction of the demand side
China's largest metals consumer.
Shares of Twitter Inc. fell by 3.1% when
the company responded to the Commission's claims
The Securities and Exchange Commission about
ever-changing indicators
its reporting. Paper Toll Brothers Inc.
fell in price by 7.8%, because the profit
the company has not justified forecasts.

But the paper Best Buy Co.
jumped 12.6% on positive reports
in the preceding quarter - a network of shops
consumer electronics increased
net profit by 12%. Shares of Apple Inc.
rose yesterday by 0.6%, although in the course of
session price rose by 4.8%.

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