Friday, July 7, 2017

Instant Execution

Instant Execution (instant execution of orders).

When fleeting trend is quite important how quickly your order will sometimes delay just a couple of seconds can cost quite a substantial part of the profits. It is for this reason that it is so important that the orders would be executed in the terminal as soon as possible. In practice, there are two versions of warrants Instant Execution and Market Execution.

Instant Execution - also called instant and accurate execution of orders, more true is the second definition of the term.

Since the instantaneous speed of execution may vary within fairly wide. It all depends on the broker with whom you work, and the current market situation.

The main reason for this interpretation of the term as the fastest way to open trades is that the terms of trade in this variant of the processing trade orders to be executed exactly at the price bid. A high speed of the trend to do this is simply not realistic and the trader will be denied in the opening position, the so-called re-quotes. And the need for the new to enter the market for the opening of the order.

Especially the frequent occurrence of re-quotes occur when trading with the use of four-currency quotes, so before stopping owl choice in a particular embodiment, the first try to test on mini accounts with the company.

Due to frequent requotes market performance in some cases a more preferred embodiment than Instant Execution. Moreover, it should be noted that the name itself rarely affects the real rate in this you can see by comparing the trading conditions of some forex brokers for individual accounts.

If we talk about the benefits of these types of accounts is worth mentioning only the time that such accounts are almost always present a fixed spread, which is particularly useful when trading forex for some strategies.

In addition, the broker is obliged to ensure that when trading accounts Instant Execution complete absence of slippage, that is, if you have applied for the opening of a new order at a price of 1.3545, then at this price it should be fulfilled, or if unable to do so come a request for consent for the implementation of the new price.

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