Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Quantum Euro Weighted USD Index

Quantum Euro Weighted USD Index Indicator

The US dollar is at the center of all financial markets. This is the main reserve currency and safe haven for investment. In US dollars evaluated all commodities. Moreover, the currency, the price of which is the very first place must take into account every trader!

Knowledge of the situation on the USD in the forex market is of paramount importance when assessing market sentiment, risk and cash flow in certain markets and instruments. Knowing in which direction the USD, all the rest - simple.

Quantum DXY indicator shows the situation on the USD in the forex market directly in MT4 terminal. It laid the basket of currencies, taking into account the changes made in 1999 in connection with the introduction of the euro. To ensure the operation of the index in all terminals MT4, currency SEK was replaced by AUD:

  • EUR 57.6%

  • JPY 13.6%

  • GBP 11.9%

  • CAD 9.1%

  • AUD 4.2%

  • CHF 3.6%

Quantum DXY indicator shows the strength and weakness of the USD in relation to the currency basket. It can be used on any chart of any timeframe. With the help of the indicator you will get an instant picture of the USD. Alternatively, you can create a separate workspace for multiple timeframes.

Indicator involves the use of three ways:

  • First, as a reverse indicator for the major currency pairs, which helps you determine the entry and exit points

  • Second, as a confirmatory indicator to work in conjunction with Quantum Currency Strength indicator for perspective estimation in relation to other currencies

  • And finally, as the main barometer of risk

No matter which approach you choose for yourself, you do not have to be distracted from the MT4 terminal to analyze the situation on USD! Is not that great!

Click here to learn how to configure the Quantum DXY indicator.

Quantum Euro Weighted USD Index Indicator

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