Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Two reasons for growth of ruble

Two reasons for the growth of the ruble

Environment calendar was full of small, so the market is concentrated on the dollar
USA. The US currency once again in demand against the euro, the pound and the yen,
However, with commodity currencies everything was not so smooth. Attempts to break the oil
recent range upper limit maintained interest in Canadian and hack. GBP / USD
still under pressure as the number of supporters of the output campaign
Britain from the EU among officials continues to grow. A AUD / USD
It has come under pressure due to the sharp drop in gold prices. According to rumors, for
the movement did not stand nothing but triggered stops, but it is not
spared "Aussie," "from rolling into the area below 0.76 .7520.

Stock indices finally stopped growing at
mostly on the correction, but aggressive comments of
Fed on the opportunities to improve rates also took their toll.
Virtually the only positive sentiment turned DAX index (FDAX),
prirosshy for nominal 0.09%. Brent He came under pressure and returned to
area 40.42. Gold also demonstrated sales, having descended to 1219
under the influence of the Fed unexpectedly harsh sentences, as well as the frustration of
that the asset is not in demand on the flight from risk.

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