Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Successful trading news

Successful trading news

I am pleased to present you the new and improved me
advisor, trading on the news and on the events that have a profound effect on
market, but does not occur on a schedule! That is when the adviser opens a transaction
a sudden change in prices in any direction and closes them automatically
your desired profit. And we know you as often varies with price
a "successful" news, as far as it can go up or
descend. Also, this robot insures your deposit, exposing SL, whose parameters you define yourself.

This advisor can be adapted for any currency pair.
By changing the parameters, you can also dramatically change the trading strategy - from
Scalping aggressive to moderate expectant.

Example parameters for the "hunter" strategy by one, but
profitable trade:

  • Currency pair - GBPUSD M15

  • second - 8

  • distance - 22

  • TP - 50

  • SL - 4

Be careful: if the price after the decimal point - 5 digits, a distance
should be increased by 10 times, ie, Example 22 did not, a 220.
Successful trading news

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