Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Line Trader

Line Trader

Expert automatically works on trend lines selected by the trader. You just have to draw a line, and then press the button BUY or SELL.

Suitable for traders who use the patterns (triangles, channels, racing ...).

The expert is also suitable for a simple and quick pending orders.

Input parameters

  • Magic - magic number.
  • MoneyManagement - automatic calculation of the lot size, the values ​​displayed on the lines
  • RiskMode - choice of models to determine the risk: RiskPercent or RiskMoney
  • RiskPercent - the percentage of risk when the money
  • RiskMoney - value risk in terms of money when the money profit in pips
  • StopLoss - stop loss in pips
  • LineDistancePips - the transaction is committed to the line
  • SlipPage - the maximum permissible distance in pips between price and bargain
  • SpreadMax - the maximum allowable spread in pips
  • Breakeven - the distance between the price and the price the order in pips (at 0 disabled)
  • BreakevenPlus - for example, a long position: -30 = 30 pips below the opening price
  • TrailingPips - trailing stop in pips (at 0 disabled)
  • TrailingProgressive - Stop Loss progressively decreases needed takeprofit
  • OneClickTrading - trade a single click, if none of the trend line is not selected
  • TradeAtClose - trade when the line is crossed, "closing price" of the last candle
  • Hidden - the ability to hide the stop loss and take profit from broker
  • PanelCorner - corner panel anchor
  • PanelX - panel distance in pixels horizontally
  • PanelY - panel distance in pixels vertically
  • ButtonColorSell - Sell ​​color buttons
  • ButtonColorBuy - Buy button color
  • ButtonColorText - color of the text on all buttons
  • LineColor - the color of the activated line
  • LineColorTP - color line take profit
  • LineColorSL - color line stop loss
  • LineStyle - styles of all the lines (solid, dotted, dot, dash, dot-dash with two dots)

Line Trader


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