Thursday, May 18, 2017

Neuro Lis

Neuro Lis

This adaptive advisor developed based on a neural network consisting of 4 nuclei and intelligent virtual trailing stop. The function of the first core - to determine the trend of using the Stochastic indicator, the second core function - to determine the risk and include 1-3x lot on the basis of the CCI, the function of the nucleus 3 - to determine the time of exit from the transaction by running the virtual trailing stop or a hard time leaving the series transactions, if the balance has become yellow and the drawdown is 25% (can be switched off), the function of the core 4 is to overlap opposite orders in the direction of the trend and the search for a better occlusion orders. It works on all currencies and in all timeframes, but shows better profitability on the M5. It uses Martingale method and is an expert who is able to trade on this system, as in the flat and in the recoilless trend due to overlapping functions and counter limit losses.

Advisor is the best point to buy and sell using the overbought - oversold indicator Stochastic. He always buys when relative prices optimally are low and sell when the relative prices optimally high. Its distinguishing feature is the intelligent virtual trailing stop and how to work in the trend, and in flat, controlled by the fourth core of a neural network. A series of orders rarely exceeds 4-5. The greatest profitability expert shows after learning for two - three weeks.

When the information window Warnings option with a value not equal to 0, simply restart the terminal.

Recommended MoneyManagement for the most secure operation for 10,000 of available funds - 0.01 lots for each currency pair (10-25% per month).

Also, when testing on real accounts was seen stuck on slower computers, so the recommended parameters of the equipment for trade 7 currency pairs:

  • Dual-core processor Intel, AMD.

  • RAM not less than 1GB and 2GB for WINXP for WIN7-WIN VISTA

In identifying the "TP" hang purple lines on slower computers to restart the terminal and reduce the number of currency pairs on which the expert works.


  • Protect deposit: mode, false ceiling with orders in the series starts virtual trailing stop after the point when the order is overlapped and are the leading 0, if true means compares the deposit, and if the drawdown at full speed above 25%, then closes them at 0.

  • Info: It shows convenient dashboard.

  • Magic orders Buy: Magic number of orders Buy.

  • Magic orders Sell: Magic Sell orders number.

  • Minimum starting lot for trade: starting minimum lot.

  • Max trades: the number of orders in the series.

  • Starting TP: Take Profit initial value in 4-valued items. Those. in the five-digit quotes 8 points = 80 points.

  • Input parametres for cores: initial parameters 4 nuclei (DO NOT CHANGE!)

Advisor to performing well on all pairs with USD.

Green line - the level of opening of the order Buy.

Red line - level opening a Sell order.

The purple line - level the trailing stop.

Monitoring of real accounts:

  1. Moderate risk:

  2. Low risk:

EA does not recommend that you run during the release of strong news Fed.

Enjoy your use!

Neuro Lis

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