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Multi Symbol Price Divergence v2

Multi Symbol Price Divergence v2

This is the second version of the indicator Multi Symbol Price Divergence analysis many tools price co-movement in the same period of time. In this version of the graphical indicator series are displayed in sub-window graphics and the beginning of the price difference is at zero on
vertical scale. Let me remind you, in the first version served as a point of reference price
current tool.

There were also some more new features.
In the outer parameters of the indicator, you can specify up to 9 characters. Total, together with the current character can be analyzed to 10 characters at a time. The indicator will determine whether there is entered in the parameters of the characters on the server and add it to the Market Overview window (Market Watch). If you want fewer characters, it is enough to leave an empty value. Light is measured in points. You can specify the number of
levels, with a value of start the installation level and the number of points
between levels. The levels are set on either side of zero (+/-).
For example, if you specify 5 levels, it will be installed in each of the five

For the price of each character can be included inversion. That is, when the inversion of the character of its price will be inverted. This can be useful when used in the list to analyze symbols are present, for example, with pairs USD (U.S. dollar). The dollar may be a base currency and quoted. For example, in the currency pair EURUSD the dollar is the quote currency, and the currency pair USDCHF - base. In this case, if the current symbol in the chart EURUSD, then USDCHF You can enable inversion, thus obtaining a more convenient representation of price analysis.

External indicator parameters:

  • Draw Type - type of graphical construction. one of the three can be selected: LINES, BARS and CANDLES.

  • Start Price Divergence - This parameter specifies the data display mode, the meaning of which is that there is a point / point at which (s) prices of all characters will fit closely. This makes it possible to track variations in price for a specified period to the next point. one of four modes can be selected in the drop-down list: Month (month), Week (a week), Day (day), Hour (hour).

  • Two Colored Bars / Candles - if for plotting the selected mode BARS or CANDLES, then include this option, you can specify a two-color mode for displaying data. Ie bars / candles that are directed upwards, are displayed in a lighter color than the bars / candles, which are directed downward.

  • Symbol 02 - the second character. By default, the GBPUSD.

  • Inverse Symbol 02 - the inversion of the second character.

  • Symbol 03 - the third character. By default, the AUDUSD.

  • Inverse Symbol 03 - the inversion of the third character.

  • Symbol 04 - the fourth character. By default, the NZDUSD.

  • Inverse Symbol 04 - the inversion of the fourth character.

  • Symbol 05 - the fifth character. By default, the USDCAD.

  • Inverse Symbol 05 - the inversion of the fifth character.

  • Symbol 06 - six characters. By default, the USDCHF.

  • Inverse Symbol 06 - inversion of six characters.

  • Symbol 07 - the seventh symbol. By default, the GBPJPY.

  • Inverse Symbol 07 - the inversion of the seventh symbol.

  • Symbol 08 - eight characters. By default, the USDJPY.

  • Inverse Symbol 08 - inversion of eight characters.

  • Symbol 09 - nine characters. By default, the AUDJPY.

  • Inverse Symbol 09 - the inversion of the ninth character.

  • Symbol 10 - ten characters. By default, the EURJPY.

  • Inverse Symbol 10 - inversion of ten characters.

  • Number of Levels - the number of levels.

  • Start Level - value of the first level, which will be calculated from the other levels.

  • Levels Step - the distance between the levels in points.

  • Levels Color - color levels.

A more detailed description can be found on my website: Multi-LED Multi Symbol Price Divergence (version 2) in the graph pane.


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