Friday, August 17, 2018

RapidFire Update HistoryDescription

RapidFire Update History / Description new parameters

Update History / Description new parameters

version 1.5

+"Min Bars For The Left H / L Point". "Min Bars For The Right H / L Point" - The minimum number of bars to the left and right side of the hi / lo points.

+"Buy Pending Order Price Offset" - Additional items for the opening price of the buy limit / stop orders.

+"Sell ​​Pending Order Price Offset" - Additional items for the opening price of a sell limit / stop orders.

+"Put Pending on The Next H / L point" - If "True", The advisor will put the pending orders until the next high / low point.

+"H / L Filter" - If "True"Then EA will place pending orders only near the channel boundaries.

+"H / L Period" - The size of the channel bars.

+"Do not Close Orders During High Spread If The Distance is More Than" - feature "Close Pending Orders During High Spread" It will not work if the pending orders are more than n points from the current price.

version 1.4

+Stop Trading On Friday - if "True", The Expert Advisor will cease to open orders from a certain time on Friday.
+Friday Stop Trade Time - It indicates the time when the advisor to stop open orders on Friday.

version 1.3

added an option "SignalSensitivity". If the value is less than 1.0, then the advisor will place pending orders on closer High / Low levels. If the value is greater than 1.0, then the advisor will place pending orders on a more long-High / Low levels.

version 1.2

Now you can test the advisor with the news of historical data. To do this you need to put in the folder 'moy_terminal // // test // files' CSV file with the news of historical data. Example of a valid CSV file can be downloaded from "comments".

New paramatry:

*Name of the CSV file - the name of your CSV file.
*Use Daylight Saving Time For Testing With News - It works only during testing. Puts time news hour ahead during the Eastern European Summer Time (EEST).
*Trading period before important news (in minutes) - permit trade adviser to important news (in minutes).

version 1.1

- Fixed a bug where the statistics of the same closed order is displayed twice in the info panel.

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