Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trade with PriceActionLevels and

Trade with PriceActionLevels and Counter

Euro-Dollar. The trend on the daily chart down. Use scripts Find the trend lines.

Daily levels on H1. Analyzer used Price Action Levels.

Displaying levels H4 and H1. H4 - painted.

Summary: The main trend is down, the price rebounded from the old support level on the daily chart is currently at the resistance level on the daily chart. While it is possible the continuation of the downtrend. Therefore, looking at the H1 and H4 entry point to sell. Those. resistance levels. Take profit on the level of support at the next level (H1).

Bottom line: I put warrants for the lower bound of daily resistance level H4 and H1 levels that were within the day, and took another hour level over the day. All orders of one lot, total risk of 5%. For issuing orders using Counter tool.

The result in the next post

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