Friday, June 8, 2018

Russian stocks today will fall

Russian stocks today will fall - Weather

Today, the Russian
share market is expected to fall in the prices of many
shares on the background of negative dynamics on
global capital markets. At the same
time goes oil drop
price volatility and therefore may be
high also due to the small number of participants
trading. Such predictions do today
at "Interfax-CEA".

Russian markets
We rest in early January and today
actual first trading day
Moscow Exchange. Most likely, stocks
continue to fall amid uncertainty
global market trends, especially
much it will put pressure on shares of oil

Asian stock
indexes vary in different directions today,
Chinese indicators continue to rise
- reports Bloomberg. MSCI Asia Pacific Index fell
0.5%, Chinese Shanghai Composite jumped
on 3,4%, Shanzhen Composite - 1.3%. In Hong Kong Index
Seng Hang up 0.4%, Australian S P / ASX
200 - 0.3%. Japanese Nikkei 225 added 0.2%, and
Topix lost 0.1%. Good mood
It creates a rumor that the Bank of Japan may
redemption of the units conduct exchange traded
fund (ETF) - it was not 16 December.

On Friday, US
stock indexes slightly
changed, because many traders
We decided to arrange a long-term
New Year's holidays - writes MarketWatch.
Following the results of Standard Poor's last week
500 loses 1,5%, Dow Jones Industrial Average - 1,2%, Nasdaq
Composite - 1,7%.

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