Thursday, May 3, 2018

My Binary EA

My Binary EA

This adviser for binary Options. Available options trading advisor:

  • Trading Indicator: trades are entered automatically from the signals of the selected indicator you. (The indicator should be in the "Indicators" and "Indicators \\ Market" folder)

  • manual trading: You are open CALL or PUT the transaction (by pressing "CALL" and "PUT"). Expert automatically open a deal with a broker, as well as, possibly, subsequent transactions based on the Martingale.

  • Indicator MEGA BREAKOUT

  • Indicator BinarySHREK

  • Indicator EASYBINARY

  • Indicator TRADE THE HOUR

  • CopyTrades: Scans of forex transactions in MetaTrader 4 (if you open the transaction on forex advisor will also open a deal for Binary Options)

  • CopyTrades: Scans of the arrow on the chart (if the Advisor is an arrow indicator on the chart, it opens the CALL or PUT deal)

  • CopyTrades: It receives signals from "CopyTradesForBinaryOption_Sender_EA"

The adviser works on all timeframes (up to 4 hours) and with different modes of expiration!

The ability to trade 10 currency pairs with one advisor! Enter the desired pair in the settings, and an advisor will simultaneously sell them.


A detailed description of the expert parameters - on the "Discussion" tab. Here are links to the current description.

Trade with our indicators

If you want to trade with the help of our indicators, you should purchase a product in the store. Only in this case, the adviser will be able to trade with the help of indicators.

Or you can purchase the full version - "My Binary Option EA Full Version". It includes all the indicators. Additional purchase required!

You can select the indicator

  • Mega Breakout

  • BinarySHREK


  • Trade the Hour

For more information you can click on the links on the indicators listed above. You'll see how these indicators work.


To display the news you need to add the following URL:

  1. Open Service > settings > counselors

  2. Tick ​​the option "Allow WebRequest for the following URL"

  3. Add URL-address to the list: (news)

Advisor can be tested in the Strategy Tester. However, it will only display signals at the locations where the Advisor would open a deal. This is due to binary options trading.

The results are displayed on the graph. Advisor simulates the transaction and shows the profit / loss.

My Binary EA

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