Friday, May 4, 2018

CCI plus

CCI plus

CCIplus modification commodity channel index with antialiasing, display turning points and the choice of analysis mode.


The indicator has CCIplus settings:

  • smoothing

  • indication of entry points and exit

  • mode selection determination points

  • setting usability

Employment indicator

Optimal use of M5-M30.

Checking and refinement signals M1-M5.

When entering incorrect data - a message is displayed. Settings are corrected automatically.


  • CCIperiod - standard setting calculation period CCI.

  • P_mode - mode selection determining points of price reversal.

    • NONE - CCI normal mode without additional settings.

    • SIMPLE - when the CCI indicator points out of oversold / overbought.

    • CROSS - indication at the intersection points with guide CCI in oversold / perekuplennosti.

    • FAST_LVL - indication of the points at the outlet of CCI pereprodannosti / perekuplennosti zone when moving in the zone and directed to the intersection.

    • SLOW_LVL - indication of the points at the intersection of the moving levels pereprodannosti / perekuplennosti.

    • PIVOT_CCI - indication of the points at CCI turn when the moving oversold / perekuplennosti.

    • PIVOT_SMA - indication points at a turn in the sliding zone pereprodannosti / perekuplennosti.

  • SMAperiod - smoothing period the standard CCI. If the value is less than 2 message is displayed and automatically set 2.

  • ShowAlert - On / off audible and visual warning of the appearance of the points.

  • HideCCI - off / on display standard line CCI. If the value true - modes NONE and SIMPLE line indicator is invisible, a notification is displayed.

Integration in the code

lines and arrows indexes:

0 - CCI (CCI)

1 - sliding CCI (CCI + SMA)

2 - red down-arrow (SELL), value = 117

3 - green up arrow (BUY), value = -117


Not recommended for use in call c code line index 0. This is equivalent to calling iCCI function.

double x = iCustom (smb, tf, name, cp, pm, sp, sa, hc, li, i);

  • string smb - character name (NULL - current character)

  • int tf - timeframe (0 - current timeframe)

  • str name - display name of the file ( "CCI +" the original file name)

  • int cp - period CCI (default = 14)

  • int pm - Analysis mode (default = 2 0 = NONE, 1 = SIMPLE, 2 = CROSS, 3 = FAST_LVL, 4 = SLOW_LWL, 5 = PIVOT_CCI, 6 = PIVOT_SMA)

  • int sp - smoothing period (default = 6)

  • bool sa - display of dots appears alert (the default is shown, TRUE)

  • bool hc - hide line standard CCI (the default is not hidden, FALSE)

  • int li - indicator line index (0 - CCI, 1 - SMA, 2 - SELL, 3 - BUY)

  • int s - displacement of the bars (0 = current bar, 1 = previous, etc.)

Example of use:

double x = iCustom (NULL, 0, "CCI +", 14,2,6, true, false, 2,0);

The variable x has the value of the current character, the current timeframe of indicator CCI +, with a period calculation CCI 14 in CROSS analysis mode, with output notifications points visible line standard CCI, index of the smoothed line from the current bar.

CCI plus

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