Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Best Simple Trade

Best Simple Trade

Easy to use and effective indicator. The strategy is suitable for all, even for beginners.

Input parameters are optimized for periods of M15, M30, H1.

  • START BUY / START SELL - input parameter to buy (Buy) / sale (Sell)

  • PROFIT 1 - basic earnings

  • PROFIT 2 - average profit

  • PROFIT 3 - big profit

  • STOP LOSS -  installation of stop-loss

Input parameters

  • InpBluePeriod - averaging period (blue line)

  • InpBlueShift - offset the blue line on the price chart

  • InpRedPeriod - averaging period (red line)

  • InpRedShift - shift of the red line on the price chart

  • InpGreenPeriod - averaging period (green line)

  • InpGreenShift - the displacement of the green line on the price chart

Best Simple Trade

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