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Medium-term trading system to make a profit on the sliding movements of prices after significant fluctuations.

Expert works effectively on EURJPY pair.

Testing was conducted on real ticks with quality stories 99.9%. Advisor has successfully passed testing approximate to the real market conditions, and has a minimum of settings to optimize, which eliminates the possibility of fitting a story.

It is possible to trade in the manual mode with a simple panel on the screen and a fully automatic mode. The number of transactions per month 5 - 18 in the automatic mode. Recommended deposit and lot - from $ 10,000 Lot 0.1 or $ 1,000 Lot 0.01


  • It works with all the brokers and on all types of accounts

  • Protection against the influence of a broker to work counselor

  • The spread does not matter

  • It uses average

  • Do not use a grid and martingale


Settings for trade

  • Lot - Lot on the size of the deposit.

  • Deposit - size of the deposit.

  • TakeProfit - TakeProfit

  • StopLoss - StopLoss

  • Open counter transaction time - Enable / disable the opening of a bunch of time

  • Opening time - Opening Hours ligament

  • Minutes installation - Time in minutes for the installation bundle

  • Mode AUTO - Enable / disable the AUTO mode

  • AUTO minutes installation - in short installation time for AUTO mode

  • AUTO minute delay - Delay in minutes

  • The trading range - The trading range

  • DAY aver - The number of days for the calculation of the trading range.

  • The magic number - The magic number

  • Close Is Friday - Closing on Friday.

  • Closing time on Friday - Friday's closing time.

  • Monday - Resolution \ ban on trade on Monday.

  • Tuesday - Resolution \ ban on trade on Tuesday.

  • Wednesday - Resolution \ ban on trade on Wednesday.

  • Thursday - Resolution \ ban on trade on Thursday.

  • Friday - Resolution \ ban on trade on Friday.

Customize the display text and buttons

  • Location map - Location text and buttons

  • indent Horizontal - Indent Horizontal

  • Vertical Offset - Indentation vertically

  • The gap between the buttons - The distance between the buttons

  • The size of the button text - The size of the button text

  • Width button - width button

  • The height of a button - The height of a button

  • Color buttons OPEN - Color OPEN button

  • The color of the button ADD - Color ADD button

  • Color buttons CLOSE ALL - Color CLOSE ALL button

  • The color of the text on the button - The color of the text on the button

  • The size of the text label - Printing size of text

  • The height of the labels - The height of the lettering

  • The gap between the labels - The distance between inscriptions

  • The color of the text labels - The color of the text labels


  • Please read the instructions in the description and adviser;

  • Before using a live account test advisor with minimal risk in the strategy tester visually;

  • Be sure to use VPS, preferably with minimal network latency to the server broker;

  • Do not run other advisors in the account at the Algorithmic in manual mode;

  • Refer to the instruction to the author and adviser to consult on all aspects of the work of the adviser.


https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/206023 Currency Pair: EURJPY M15 and CHFJPY M15.

Work on the account maintained in manual or automatic mode, depending on the market situation. Account used for debugging and testing of the system in real conditions. The system is not optimized in the strategy tester, all the values ​​for the settings were obtained by studying the behavior on the history of these currency pairs over a period of 3 years and have been used for trade in this account. All data are processed manually due to the particular currency pairs.



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