Friday, April 27, 2018

IzaTrade EURUSD current situation

IzaTrade: EUR / USD. The current situation on the market outlook for the pair EUR / USD based on the Fibonacci tool line

At presented below EUR / USD chart we see price consolidation. Currently, the price to be around 1.1404, the prices for a potential entry for the purchase was the area in the vicinity of 1.13 with targets above 1.16 and 1.18, as well as for sale in the region of zone 1.146 a 1.09 goals and 1.06. When testing the mentioned levels is recommended to consider entry into the market, with the necessary additional evidence from other instruments or indicators.

The graph EUR / USD H4. 18.02.2015g.

It should be noted that
price fixing above 1.1557 to confirm bullish sentiment, below 1.1263
confirm the bearish mood on the long-term market participants.

The forecast used Fibonacci levels.

Successful trading.

Yours faithfully,


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