Friday, April 27, 2018

EA Rush Premium

EA Rush Premium

EA Rush Premium - fully automatic, bezindikatornaya trading system. Adviser The logic is built on one of the trading systems of the world authority exchange trading and technical analysis Aleksandra Eldera.

It works with any currency pair, on any time period.

Recommended minimum deposit:

  • for accounts Standard Forex - 2000 USD with a minimum item 0.01.

  • for accounts Mini Forex - 200 USD with a minimum item 0.01.

  • for accounts Micro Forex - 20 USD with a minimum item 0.01.


  • StopTrade = false - stop trading if true, trade on this currency pair will be stopped after the close of the current series.

  • Step = 10 - a step of setting orders.

  • Lot = 0.1 - fixed lot of orders.

  • AutoLot = false - switch automatically calculate lots.

  • Risk = 1.0 - automatic calculation of the risk of the lot.

  • Magic = 400000 - a unique order number.

  • DrawInfo = true - output information to the trading terminal screen.

  • Font_Size - font size of trade information.

  • text_Color - font color trade information.

Monitoring real account:

EA Rush Premium

EA Rush Premium

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