Friday, April 20, 2018

Greece openly blackmailing European

Greece openly blackmailing the European Union: threatening migrants and referendum

News today from Athens
They come quite interesting. local
press reports that in an effort to
easing the EU's position regarding the Greek
Greece went on a debt finance
outright blackmail. government
promises to issue travel documents
tens of thousands of refugees, including
may be jihadists, says the federal
News Agency. Actually on this
threat at a meeting of the party "Independent
Greeks "said Minister of National Defense
Panos Kammenos.

"If you (the EU) will cause
Greece hit, then you should know that
workers will receive travel documents
and go to Berlin, "- he said.

In this case, Europe
most will be responsible,
if you will be among those refugees
militants of the terrorist organizations.
Approximately the same threat recently
voiced and Deputy Interior Minister
Greece. In turn, in response to a
blackmail of the German police union
calls on European politicians to
emergency exclude Greece from
Schengen zone.

The publication writes MarketWatch
today that Greek officials
also spoke about the referendum on the
which will be decided the question - whether to accept
the conditions of the European Union's future
helping their country? "We can come back
for the elections. Ministers or referendum ...
my country "not glued" to their seats".
- Greece's finance minister said Janis
Yanis Varoufakis Italian newspaper Corriere della
Sera. Prime Minister Alexis Greece
Tsipras also hinted at the possibility
adoption of any decision to the people.
"If we held a referendum tomorrow
with a question: "Do you want your respect
dignity or the continuation of this
unworthy policy?"Everyone would
independently choose the dignity of
difficulties that will accompany
such a decision"- said Tsipras edition
Der Spiegel Magazine.

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