Monday, April 23, 2018

Australian Central Bank did not

Australian Central Bank did not lower rates

Australian interest rate
regulator remained unchanged.
She is now at a record low
for themselves the level of 2.25%, but until then, investors
We expect further downgrades. In his
statement today representatives
Reserve Bank of Australia is not excluded
the possibility of further decline.

Economic Recovery Green
the continent due to the decline in demand
on its natural resources.

also adds fuel to the fire. So,
suddenly decreased number of working
Places in January, bringing to
A 13-year high unemployment soared.
It is very much in the past year
increased housing prices, with the result that
investing in real estate today
maximum, and the RBA thinks that he
to do with the mortgage and how to keep
inflating dangerous "bubble" in the market

positive points - was depressed
Aussie on the news about the same rate
regulator soared.

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