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The signal generated using the classic indicator Gator. Gator Oscillator based on the Alligator and shows the degree of convergence / divergence of the balance lines (smoothed moving average). Upper histogram - the absolute difference between the values ​​of the blue line and a red line. Lower histogram - the absolute difference between the values ​​of the red line and green line, but with a minus sign, because the histogram is drawn from top to bottom.

This EA will work with any forex pair. Optimization is performed for one week on the minute chart, the predicted time of up to reoptimization - as one week. The screenshots showing examples of the prediction and optimization of the first (upper in the ordering of the result) for the working parameter selected settings. Optimization - on "Balance max".

The most important characteristics for the expert - is the ability to predict, that is, profits in the future, not on the optimization period. To do this, you can just check out expert cyclically in two phases on the drive history. The first stage - optimization and sampling (one unchanging rule). The second stage - sweep. Therefore, you must cycle a few times drive out and draw conclusions. In this case, in order to optimize the interval taken at 1 week. For the forecast (check after the optimization of date) - also 1 week. Established a rigid rule to optimize the sampling results. We will choose the best result of optimization "Balance max".

Warning: slow when optimizing!


  • PeriodWork - the period for which the expert works.

  • Risk - risks that are entering the market. It is given in percentage of the total loss of the deposit. Lot defined relative to the stop-loss and allowable losses when the stop-loss.

  • LotRounding - rounding off a lot (before decimal point).

  • Deviation - requotes.

  • Sleeps - waiting for opening, closing or modifying the position.


  • StopLoss - 3/1/15

  • TakeProfit - 3/1/15

  • SignalBar - 1/1/4

  • Inversion - from / to

  • PeriodSignal - M1 / ​​M5

  • Period - 3/1/144

  • TypeSygnal - from / to

  • JawsPeriod - 3/1/144

  • JawsShift - 3/1/144

  • TeethPeriod - 3/1/144

  • TeethShift - 3/1/144

  • LipsPeriod - 3/1/144

  • LipshShift - 3/1/144

  • Method - from / to

  • AppliedPrice - from / to


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