Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Euro has fallen dramatically in

The euro has fallen dramatically in the bad reports from Germany

Monday night
euro against the dollar has grown, because
Investors are still waiting for results
negotiation of Greece and the European Commission.
However, the euro began to fall sharply dinner
against the dollar, as soon as
the release of economic data from Germany.
Investors were cautious all morning
on the eve of the business climate report

By 13:22 MSK on the EUR / USD pair
It dropped to 1.1304, lost 0.68% of
previous close. rather
just a couple of support at the level of
1.1277, and the pair of resistance to find
the level of 1.1449.

Markets today have fallen
after the publication of economic reports
from Germany. So, all the three reports - Business
expectations for February, assessment of the current
situation in the country and the index of business
Germany's climate were worse than
forecasts. For example, the index of business
the climate was at the level of 106.8 instead
projected 107.7. By the way, in the past,
month, the index level of 106.7 scored.

All market participants
day will wait for news from Athens and
Europe: Greece must now submit
the final list of reforms to its
evrokreditory considered. This is one of
subject to extension for another bailout
four months, which makes it possible
the new government to gain time and
to prepare a new agreement with

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