Monday, February 19, 2018

Dynamic RSI Pointer DEMO

Dynamic RSI Pointer DEMO

The current version is a DEMO and does not reflect the most recent data.

Dynamic RSI Pointer

by Pointer Productions

It is always best are those traders who use the best trading tools, combined with his knowledge of the market. Such traders not only recognize market trends, but also the opportunities that arise when they occur.

Therefore, we present our indicator.

Dynamic RSI Pointer

Dynamic RSI Pointer is designed to make a profit from current trends and predict future trends based on current and past trends.

Dynamic RSI Pointer - a totally new light, based primarily on the indicator RSI. However, the RSI indicator is limited to static overbought and oversold levels, set by the user, which in effect makes it inefficient when applied to such a dynamic market like Forex. Depending on the current trend (upward, downward or lateral) is necessary to apply different levels which will adapt to the current trend.

And our product in this respect has advantages, asDynamic RSI Pointer:

  • Adapts and exhibits dynamic overbought and oversold levels, increasing the user's income.

  • Recognizing and evaluating past trends, Dynamic RSI Pointer accurately predicts the upcoming trends and exposes the respective levels.

Principle of operation Dynamic RSI Pointer:

  • Dynamic RSI Pointer is easy to use as its interface resembles the RSI. But the RSI levels are static, and the levels Dynamic RSI Pointer dynamic. Dynamic RSI Pointer is suitable for any strategy created for the RSI indicator, for example:

    • Trade during the return of the main line with overbought and oversold levels

    • Search divergence in the levels of overbought and oversold

    • RSI combination with other signals indicative of imminent reversal of the trend.

But now overbought and oversold levels are dynamically adjusted according to the current trend.

  • Analysis of overbought and oversold dynamic levels can provide important information. If the user notices a rapid change in levels, this means that the currency is undergoing a volatile trend.

You can continue to trade with the trend, or wait until he lost his savor, and to trade after a trend reversal signal.


The first application Dynamic RSI Pointer user is given a set of input parameters:

  • RSI Period - the number of periods for calculating the main line.

  • LEVELS Period - the number of periods to calculate the overbought and oversold levels.

  • LEVELS Size - identifying restrictions overbought and oversold levels.

    • A lower value indicates that overbought and oversold levels are more limited. Values ​​less than 5 are formed and extreme signals perekuplennosti pereprodannosti.

    • A larger value indicates that overbought and oversold levels are less restricted.

    • These values ​​are set between 0 and 50.

Full version is available at:
Dynamic RSI Pointer DEMO

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