Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ruble breaks records dollar exchange

Ruble breaks records: the dollar exchange rate has reached 66.6 rubles, the euro - to 74.1 rubles..

According to the results of currency trading on Wednesday, the Russian
the ruble has once again updated lows
over the past eight months. The pair USD / RUB
exceeded the level
66 rub., while the pair EUR / RUB was
above 74 rubles. By the close of trading on the
Moscow Exchange dollar rate was
66.605 rubles, euro - 74.132 rubles. Ruble
It declined against the backdrop of falling oil
quotes, so there is nothing surprising
in principle, this reduction does not.

recently assistant
President Vladimir Belousov said,
there is no way to provide
support the ruble, though now and meaning even in this
No, because the oil and gas
revenues still account for about
half of budget revenues. However,
Central Bank of the Russian Federation noted the benefits of
floating exchange rate. their arguments
lies in the fact that the free course
ruble reduces the impact of price hikes on
oil and thus helps to stabilize
payment balance. "By moving
to a floating exchange rate in the past we
several months dealing with
volatility in the currency market if
maintaining a fairly low monthly and
weekly inflation rather than bankruptcies
and unemployment", - it said in a statement

By the way, Andrei Belousov
also said on Tuesday: "If you change
The situation in the foreign exchange market in connection with the
a significant drop in oil prices - up
$ 40 per barrel, with fluctuations in the range of
$ 40-45 - then the central bank may slow down
rate cut process".

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