Tuesday, November 28, 2017

MultiMode Smoothed Oscillator

MultiMode Smoothed Oscillator

Layout (set) of 5 LEDs (oscillators), with smoothing (26 to choose the mode) and for displaying the values ​​increase and decrease in a different color.

  • OscMode - source selection indicator / oscillator, in the initial version of the five: CCI, DeMarker, RSI, MFI, WPR,

  • PeriodOsc - calculating the initial period of the indicator,

  • PriceOsc - used to calculate the price (this option is not relevant for all indicators in the initial version - only for the CCI and RSI),

  • PeriodSm - smoothing period,

  • ModeSm - smoothing mode (full list of options, see here)

  • ArrowUp - arrows code for the growth of values,

  • ArrowDn - arrows code to lower values,

  • DrawOriginalOscLine - enabling / disabling of display lines of the original values ​​of the indicator,

  • DrawBackSmLine - enabling / disabling optional display smoothed values ​​as a line,

  • Precision - the accuracy of the indicator after the decimal point.

MultiMode Smoothed Oscillator

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